At the heart of my coaching is my desire to help you get through life’s transitions and ups and downs, free up your mind and spirit and help get you excited about life again. I help women and men to find a way to live their life in their own unique way, that provides them with freedom, happiness and joy and ways to manage the inevitable challenges of daily life.


My professional life…
I spent the first half of my business career in management and administrator positions in the corporate arena. I deeply enjoyed counseling and coaching others to help them make their work life better. Years later, I moved to New York and co-founded a successful boutique placement agency, managing the business, clients and staff. After getting it off the ground, I was also able to contract with a number of small business owners where I consulted, implemented, mentored, coached and managed projects and people. Twelve years later, I relocated back to LA and started consulting with an Internet startup, expecting that to be my next career. When that venture fell apart, I finally explored the idea of becoming a life coach, an idea that teased me on and off over the past 15 years. I felt the excitement deep in my core and after quieting the discouraging and doubting voices in my head, I jumped in. It’s been the most gratifying work I’ve ever done.


Personally speaking…
My life has been anything but static. Good family, friends and lots of love. Lots of highs, and plenty of lows, including numerous disappointments and several life transitions over the years. Yet, I feel so lucky. Early in my life I struggled with low self esteem, weight issues and relationships. I suffered way too long in an unhealthy marriage at serious physical expense in the form of back pain and untold emotional distress. I moved cross-country, started a new job, was promptly laid off, started a business, and painfully ended the bad marriage. Years later, another serious and painful breakup, moved cross-country again, lost my parents, more back pain, etc. Finally, after recovering from my third major life-changing crisis, (I clearly had trouble listening to my soul’s desires!), I stopped caring what other people thought, stopped listening to my own self doubt and criticism and decided to live my life for me. It was the first time I really honored my own needs, wants and desires because I finally knew who I was.


My philosophy
I choose to live my life from a place that says I’m responsible for own life – the joy, wonder, success, failure, all of it. I do this, not because I believe I am responsible for everything (there’s so much we have no control over), but because it reminds me that only I have the power to change and improve my life, no matter the circumstances. This isn’t always an easy way to look at life, but I have found it to be powerful and rewarding. It has deeply and profoundly changed my attitude toward myself and others and opened up opportunities I couldn’t have otherwise imagined.

I am a Certified Martha Beck Life Coach, have a well-worn bachelor’s degree in business and treasure an honorary degree from the School of Hard Knocks given to me by my beloved brother-in-law during one of my life crises.